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Please help a poor student save up for college in Fall 2008! ;_; ♥


★ Shipping from California, USA
★ All items have shipping included (Canada residents, add $1 to your total)
★ Serious buyers only
★ I accept paypal (preferred) & concealed cash only
★ I only ship to U.S. & Canada residents
★ I ship when I can but usually once a week
★ I am not responsible for lost items/payment
★ Payments must to mailed within a week after confirmation
★ I will not hold items. First come, first serve.
★ Items are negotiable

Payment method:

Item: 2-sided Sumomo Pillow
Price: $15 shipped $11 shipped
Description: This pillow's so adorable ;u; I sleep with it every night. It's slightly dirty but not much and it can be washed. ^ ^ or if you would like me to wash it before then lmk.

Item: DiGi Charat Wall Clock
Price: $10 shipped $9 shipped
Description: Looks so cute hung up on the wall <3 It works fine too and batteries are included :3

Item:  Full Metal Alchemist Bundle - includes a poster, a set of note cards, mini notebook, and a sticker book
Price:  $12 shipped $10 shipped
Description: These are not sold separately. Poster is a tiny bit bent due to being rolled up but it looks fine :3

Item: D.Gray-Man Vol.3 1,2, and 4 are SOLD
Price: $7 shipped $5 shipped
Description: Great condition. :)

Item: Air Gear. Vol. 5,6,7, 9 (All 4 in Chinese), 14 (Japanese) (discounts if you buy 2 or more also, just ask)
Price: $7 shipped each or $27 shipped for ALL! $5 shipped each or $22 shipped for ALL!
Description: Like new~  :D

Item: Katekyo Hitman REBORN! Vol. 4, 6, 7, 9 (ALL IN CHINESE) (discounts if you buy 2 or more also, just ask)
Price: $7 shipped each or $25 shipped for ALL! $5 shipped each or $18 shipped for ALL!
Description: Great almost mint condition :> :>

Item:  Angelic Layer Manga Vol. 2 & 4 (Chinese)
Price:  $7 shipped each or buy both for $12 shipped $5 shipped each or $10 shipped for BOTH!
Description: Good condition.

Item:  Neon Genesis Evangelion Manga Vol.3 & 4 (English)
Price:  $8 shipped each or $13 shipped for both! $5 shipped each of $10 shipped for BOTH!
Good Condition~

Item: Popolo April 2006 & Wink Up July 2006
Price: $11 shipped $9 shipped each or $15 shipped for both!

Item: L'Arc~en~Ciel LIVE IN USA CONCERT DVD [inside]
Price: $14 shipped $10 shipped
Description: Brand new. Perfect Condition. Never opened.

Item: Assorted CDs
1)Jay Chou 2002 Album (Chinese)
2) F.I.R. First Album (Chinese)
3) DREAM - Dear... Album (Japanese)
4)Anberlin - Never Take Friendship Personal (English)
5) Fall Out Boy - From Under The Cork Tree (English)
$8 shipped each / DREAM CD is $15 shipped $5 shipped / DREAM CD is $10 shipped
Description: All CDs in good condition. The outside case of the F.I.R. CD is a little ripped on one side. FOB has a crack near the edge of the CD case.
none at the moment :<

Item: Elementary Geometry for College Students Textbook
$21 shipped (heavy) $18 shipped
Description: Used once. Looks brand new.

Item: Study Guides
1) The REAL ACT Prep Guide
2) Kaplan - AP Environmental Science Study Guide
3) Collegeboard - Official Study Guide for all SAT Subject Tests SOLD
Price: ACT Book - $20 shipped each (HEAVYYYY) / APES - $15 shipped ACT - $17 shipped / APES - $13 shipped or buy BOTH for $27 shipped!
Description: Need to study for the ACT, SAT, or APES? I've got the material right here! I made a couple marks in the ACT and SAT books but they're all erased so you won't notice them XD;; APES has no markings.

Item: Books/Novels
1) Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix
2) Harry Potter and the Deathly Hollows SOLD
3) A Swiftly Tilting Planet
4) The Hobbit SOLD
Order of Phoenix - $12 shipped / Others - $5 shipped Order of Phoenix - $10 shipped
Harry Potter Books are newww. Other ones are in good condition.
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